Monday, 6 April 2009

Bathroom fixtures (I)


I'm liking this combination a lot! The basin although smaller in size than the existing one (but higher) we have is ideal for our tiny bathroom. The next time we're in Ikea , I'll have to remember to look it up.

Breakdown :

Ikea Grundtal mirror
Dimension 70cm (dia)

Ikea LILLĂ…NGEN wash basin
Dimension W40 x D41 x H92 cm
---- Alternative mirror options -----

Ikea Kolja Ft2.990 (40X70cm)

Ikea Kolja Ft2990 (55cm dia.)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

I want to live here...

In this economy I've allowed myself to buying only one magazine per month. Actually it is not so bad as you get lots of inspirations on the net anyway. April's issue of Otthon mag. was full of inspirational spaces. Although many are high end design, I enjoy flipping / reading the magazine very much. The following space is my favourite for this issue... 48m2 of creative decoration!

The above wardrobe is the owner's favourite furniture in the flat; which is also my absolute favourite :) It costs her only Ft1000 (! ) originally. Of course she had put in a lot of work in making how it is now. I can see this in our bedroom and hopefully I'll come across such a beautiful piece in the future .
I want a bathroom just like this! Simple and warm :)

I thought this is such a creative idea!